How to Overcome Intimacy Problems Related to Chronic Pain
Easy and effective practical solutions you can use today!
You're Going to Learn How To Overcome

Problem #1

 decreased desire
 Chronic pain, fatigue, stress, low self-esteem, mental health problems and medications can all affect our desire for intimacy. Discover the simple strategies to improve desire overnight. 

Problem #2

painful SEX
Painful sex is extremely common, so why are we not talking about it more? This guide cracks open the topic of painful sex and practical ways to overcome the problem.

Problem #3

A Partner feelING undesired
Partners who don’t experience persistent pain are often in such a different headspace when it comes to sex. Learn how to communicate intimate love outside the bedroom.  
Sally shepHErd
Author, Clinical Psychologist
"Karra is passionate about helping couples create and maintain great relationships despite life adversity and chronic illness. All of her work is based on the latest research and science, but most importantly its informed by her own experiences: she has applied and found success with all this stuff. It is all also coming from a place of love, respect and passion. She genuinely wants to make a difference in people’s lives and she is already doing so"
"Karra Eloff, founder of The Chronic Pain Couple, health professional and co-founder of two mental health clinics in Australia is dedicated to seeing you and your partner find a remarkable relationship & achieve great things despite your condition. When diagnosed with a painful condition Karra became aware of the lack of resources for couples wanting to not just survive chronic pain but maintain or discover a passion-filled and remarkable relationship. So here are practical, low-energy, research based ideas for you to improve your relationship today through better intimacy!"
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